EVERY Friday - Lady's DAY 10% Off
Every Wednesday - Military DAY Discount 10% Off
Every Monday - Senior DAY Discount 10% Off
Battery Replacement $25.00 Off
Brake Replacement $30.00 Off

Per axle ( Pads & Rotors)

Nissan N95 Cabin Micro Filter $10.00 Off
Nissan Coolant Flush Special $20.00 Off
Front & Rear Wiper replacement $10.00 Off
Nissan Brake Fluid Exchange Service $15.00 Off
Synthetic Oil & Filter Change with Tire Rotation $89.95

up to 5 qts

Cost-Saving Car Service Promotions in Rockville Centre

As a trusted dealership, Nissan of Rockville Centre provides interested Brooklyn drivers with a veritable menu of car-service promotions.

In this effort, many vital car service and preventative maintenance procedures come with coupons to redeem. And there are select days of the week dedicated to special discounts.

In all, we strongly encourage Baldwin drivers to ensure their vehicle is up for the challenges of every season at this Long Island Service Center.

Benefits of Car-Service Promotions, Coupons

Every dealership worth its weight will harbor a state-of-art service department. To this would be brand-certified protocols to follow, factory-trained technicians performing the work and OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts installed.

At Nissan of Rockville Centre, cost-saving service specials represent another benefit, where the New Hyde Park driver may take advantage of convenient discounts. Spanning the most vital of service and maintenance procedures, the enticement of cash saved prepares any vehicle for seasons' change.

And with certain days of the week, service discounts are extended to valued segments of our Oceanside client base.

Service Discount Days Near Merrick

Considering vehicle upkeep is important to performance and safety alike, there's no better opportunity for preventative maintenance than a service discount applied. Given the respect and commitment we hold for Brooklyn drivers, we've dedicated select days of the week for added benefits.

So, browse below what's featured each week for the Lynbrook driver to secure:

  • Senior DAY is every Monday for a 10% discount on servicing.
  • Military DAY ensures a 10% discount each Wednesday near Valley Stream.
  • Lady's DAY offers Rockville Centre ladies a 10% discount every Friday.

Service Coupons Browsed Online

And then there were select coupons to redeem for the benefit of Nissan-certified servicing. Here, all brand guidelines are adhered to for the extension of Nissan integrity and longevity. We make every effort to effect proper servicing while you wait.

With the convenience of coupons advertised online, you may schedule your specific service at a date and time preferred - right then and there.

Battery Replacement

Colder temperatures will weaken any battery, so it's important your battery will be effective when starting and keeping systems fully charged. Should there be a need of a battery replacement, a considerable discount is applied.

Brake Replacement

With a grinding sensation noted when braking, it could signal issues with rotors and pads. Often surfacing is denuded to a point ineffective if not dangerous. And for your Nissan, we install only OEM parts for the best possible outcome.

Air-Filter Replacement

Both the cabin and engine require clean and fresh air filters, especially during seasons' change outside New Hyde Park. With a discount applied, filters are replaced with OEM micro filters for improved cabin air to breathe and better engine performance.

Coolant Flushing, Exchanges

Every few thousand miles, coolant should be purged with a fresh installment introduced into your vehicle's HVAC system. This ensures the removal of degraded coolant that may have affected cabin air quality.

Fluids Freshened

Systems of steering, brakes and wipers require fresh and full levels of respective fluids for optimal performance. Safety is also a concern should there be low fluid levels, where steering and brakes will be unresponsive to the Lynbrook driver's efforts.

Wiper Blades Replaced

An often disregarded item is your wiper blade set. Though essential for safe traveling throughout Freeport, any Merrick driver will benefit from fresh blades sharp and flexible as with a topped-off level of washer fluid.

Tire Rotations

Tire rotations extend the life of your tire assortment by mitigating patterns of extreme wear. Left to one wheel well, cording may slowly ruin any tire tread.

Oil Changes

Oil changes provide a fresh supply of lubrication for engine parts while elevating performance in miles earned per gallon of fuel expended. An oil change is also an opportune time for many of the above procedures to be performed while you wait.

Nissan of Rockville Centre - Save on Discounted Car Servicing Near Oceanside, NY

Schedule your service date online or contact our Nissan service professionals.

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