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Have Your Tires Repaired at Nissan of Rockville Centre

Tires are a crucial part of any moving vehicle. Trust that a good set of wheels will get you where you're going with ease. However, because tires make direct contact with the road, they take a lot of impact damage over time. At Nissan of Rockville Centre, we aim to combat the wear and tear by offering our customers comprehensive tire care. Drivers from Valley Stream, NY, and Rockville Centre, NY can depend on our certified technicians to whip their wheels back into shape. Call or go online to set up a service appointment today.

We Provide Top-Notch Tire Services in Rockville Centre, NY

Why is Tire Care Important?

The wheels could become dilapidated if you don't stay on top of their maintenance. They can deteriorate and eventually lose traction, pop, or fold in on themselves. Maintaining your tires by bringing them in for regular service will ensure that our team has a chance to inspect and possibly replace them. Tires do so much, carrying you toward every adventure and home again. Let our service technicians lend a helping hand to make sure your tires stay in proper working order.

Signs You Need New Tires

There are many ways drivers can tell that it's time to look for new tires. Here are the most common indicators to watch out for:

  • Air pressure is continuously falling.
  • The treads are getting visibly lower.
  • There is an uneven pattern to the tread wear.
  • While driving, odd excessive noises can be heard from the wheels.
  • The vehicle vibrates or pulls, even on clear roads.
  • The rubber on the tires looks cracked or sun-dried.
  • Tires develop what looks like bubbles near the rim area along the treads.

If you note any of these problems, come to our service center sooner than later. Tire problems can become dangerous for all parties on the road if not addressed. We'll have your tires thoroughly inspected and catch any building issues.

Tire Services We Provide

Rockville Centre, NY drivers can count on us to touch on every aspect of their tires, from suspensions to seasonal changes. Ask our team for a more in-depth tire service menu. The following are among the most common services we provide.

Tire Rotations

We recommend rotating the tires every 6,000 to 8,000 miles. The reason for a tire rotation is to extend the life of the wheels as a set. The front tires take on most of the abuse from turning, stopping, and the road in general. This makes them break down quicker than the rest, so you'd need to buy two new tires often. By rotating them around, we're giving all the tires a chance to wear evenly.

Wheel Alignments

A wheel alignment might not seem very important, but drivers should get one around every other oil change. You're taking steps to ensure safety on the road by having your wheels realigned. Misaligned wheels can make it seem like the car is pulling to one side, which can become hazardous when turning.

Winter Tires

If you live where ice, sleet, and snow occurs, it's always best to have your tires changed. Winter tires best serve in these harsh conditions, and we can switch them back when the winter season is over. Winter or snow tires allow for better traction so you can safely brake and accelerate without bottoming out.

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